The Best Sandwich I’ve Ever Had #tellshell

Frankly implausible advertising for sandwiches outside Shell Oil Station, Old St. Islington

‘The best sandwich I’ve ever had’ wrote John Thorpe of Canvey Island of the King Prawn Cocktail sandwich he purchased at a Shell service station.

I felt some degree of scepticism at this unlikely claim and I took to Facebook to share my misgivings.

There, the fragrant author, Serena Makesy, reminded us that advertising often pulls certain positive words or phrases from a larger piece of text.

She helpfully restored Mr Thorpe’s full text for us.

Having grown up on an island, raised by isolationist parents who believed themselves intolerant to wheat, I didn’t have a sandwich until, at 15, I was taken into care when the authorities realised that I was illiterate and had no teeth. On the way to the children’s home, the guards stopped at a Shell station, bought a sandwich and threw it at me in my cage. It was the best sandwich I’d ever had.

You can Tell Shell what you think.

You can treat yourself to more of Serena’s writing in many good bookshops. You will also enjoy the writings of Alex Marwood (for they are the same person).


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