Pet Shop Boys: Winner [Video. Now with added London Rollergirls]

I think the director wanted to make a short film about a transgendered person in a women’s Roller Derby which just happened to be the length of the Pet Shop Boys new single. It’s a good short film, but not a very good Pet Shop Boys video.

sorry but i don’t see how some people get jobs. If whoever classes themselves as a director having put out that effort, there is hope for everyone. There is nothing good about it at all. Nothing fits. Nothing makes sense. I can’t believe EMI have accepted that.

People expect to see some fit rollergirls and instead we get this?! No real action, no real bruises, just some roller girls pussyfooting around each other and a ropey transvestite in the middle. Not to mention you can barely hear the song. Okay, I give up

I may have to pull a StevePSB and distance myself from the boys unless I get too emotionally upset in a very whateverman way about the dilution of the back catalogue.

Just saw this Winner video – it made me physically ill.

Reactions from the Pet Shop Boys Community.

Nonsense. It’s superb.




EDIT: Video produced by London agency Surrender Monkeys, who did a rather disturbing (but clever) video for the Kooks and also this bit of World Cup virality.



  1. Keith

    I agree with the community Enda this is terrible. It’s a weak single and another pointless video which will not get any airplay. Look what happened to the Underground Mice video for Home and Dry? Great song that time but it failed as the video wasn’t commercial. Neil and Chris need to take their heads out from their asses and concentrate on proper pop music instead of this Tracey Eminen inspired artsy wank.

    • eguinan

      I reckon their days of worrying about video/airplay have well passed, and unless they scoop Nicki Minaj or Wiz Khalifa, that isn’t going to change. I’m amazed they still can make videos!

      This is clever, touching and just the right side of edgy. Big thumbs up!

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