@PKontheRadio should be #ff’d by the lot of you.

  1. Padraig Kenny is a freelance writer. Or rather ‘Writer. Short. Hairy. Winner of the 1970 Ballymore Eustace Bonny Baby Contest. Slightly delusional. Author of Hobos in Love and More Hobos in Love.’ I also went to uni with him. Here’s why you should follow him on Twitter and elsewhere.
    A good place to start. Padraig’s tweets are quite good.
  2. PKontheradio
    Maybe I should delete that previous tweet.
    Tue, Jul 24 2012 04:17:09
  3. No, don’t do that. Padraig is a freelance writer.
  4. PKontheradio
    Writer’s Guild are advertising a “Life as Freelance Writer” event. Apparently it’s a guy sobbing in a chair for an hour.
    Fri, Jul 13 2012 05:13:20
  5. PKontheradio
    Have taken a once once perfectly good idea with once obvious potential around to the back of the house to be put down.
    Mon, Jul 09 2012 05:49:25
  6. PKontheradio
    Script feedback: “warm and funny.” Number of times I have seen words “warm and funny” appear in script feedback, 5,763.
    Tue, Jul 10 2012 14:16:35
  7. PKontheradio
    Reading an old review of Medea at the Abbey “Bosco has more cultural relevance than this pretentious twaddle.” I was such a big meanie.
    Fri, Jul 13 2012 05:05:17
  8. Non-Irish readers may need to understand who Bosco is.
  9. Padraig does a good line in introspection:
  10. PKontheradio
    Feeling a special kind of love for the guy who overtook us earlier on the M7. In torrential rain. While talking on his mobile.
    Tue, Jul 24 2012 12:59:53
  11. PKontheradio
    @tomdoorley I’ve been caught sniffing books in shops. Old or new, I am an unrepentant book sniffer.
    Tue, Jul 24 2012 04:02:48
  12. PKontheradio
    Somehow managed to input the full text of an article what I wrote, into the Twitter search box. Panicking.
    Mon, Jul 09 2012 09:58:19
  13. PKontheradio
    I am a veritable human hot water bottle. With jokes.
    Tue, Jul 10 2012 14:16:54
  14. And is occasionally sent into reveries of introspection by technology:
  15. PKontheradio
    Battery dying. Every time laptop is plugged in is accompanied by a panicked yelp and jumping across the room like Bruce Willis in Die Hard.
    Wed, Jul 25 2012 15:56:54
  16. PKontheradio
    Laptop battery dying. Might take it out and cradle it in my arms, and cry when nobody’s looking.
    Thu, Jul 12 2012 03:17:29
  17. PKontheradio
    Using Bing now. Like asking the same incapacitated relative a question and not getting a straight answer.
    Thu, Jul 12 2012 13:10:08
  18. PKontheradio
    @GardenerRob @juliangough @BigTamConnery I sent a fax once in 2002. That was a day and a half. #excitement
    Sun, Jul 08 2012 04:17:23
  19. PKontheradio
    Shocked. There is swearing in my timeline. I am responding by flapping my hands and prancing on my tippy toes.
    Fri, Jul 20 2012 03:36:33
  20. Of course, he has a Grand Plan.
  21. PKontheradio
    Remember all those Harry Potter imitators when it hit the big time? And now there’s loads of 50 Shades imitators getting in on the action.
    Wed, Jul 11 2012 12:10:25
  22. PKontheradio
    So, have decided to re-edit my boy wizard novel and make it a bit ridey. This time next week I’ll be sleeping on a bed made of money!
    Wed, Jul 11 2012 12:11:32
  23. We hardly need to present any more evidence for this chap’s wit. Have a listen to The Lost Patriot – Flann O’Brien after dropping some kind of illicit Smartie.
    I’d just follow him on the Twitters or check out more of his oeuvre. Or if I were a publisher, I’d snap him up and do amazing things.

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