Anatomy of a #FAIL @AidanBurleyMP and Olympic “leftie multicultural crap”

  1. “With its hilariously quirky Olympic opening ceremony, a wild jumble of the celebratory and the fanciful; the conventional and the eccentric; and the frankly off-the-wall, Britain presented itself to the world Friday night as something it has often struggled to express even to itself: a nation secure in its own post-empire identity, whatever that actually is. “
  2. Conservative MP for Cannock Chase, Aidan Burley was perhaps less secure with this post-empire identity.
  3. AidanBurleyMP
    The most leftie opening ceremony I have ever seen – more than Beijing, the capital of a communist state! Welfare tribute next?
    Fri, Jul 27 2012 14:02:50
  4. AidanBurleyMP
    Thank God the athletes have arrived! Now we can move on from leftie multi-cultural crap. Bring back red arrows, Shakespeare and the Stones!
    Fri, Jul 27 2012 14:22:56
  5. This did not go down well in any camps. The left:
  6. johnprescott
    .@AidanBurleyMP That opening ceremony made me proud to be British. Your tweet made me angry that you are too.
    Fri, Jul 27 2012 18:12:27
  7. StanCollymore
    @AidanBurleyMP An embarrasment to the Cannock constituency.An absolute joke of an mp.Sooner we jettison you the better.
    Fri, Jul 27 2012 14:32:03
  8. billybragg
    The Beatles. This will annoy @AidanBurleyMP too – he’s a Stones fan #openingceremony
    Fri, Jul 27 2012 16:06:40
  9. Or even within his own party:
  10. GavinBarwellMP
    .@AidanBurleyMP With respect, us Londoners are rather proud of the diversity of our city #nothingleftwingaboutit
    Fri, Jul 27 2012 14:37:34
  11. CharlieElphicke
    An amazing #london2012 opening ceremony. Brilliant @DannyBoyleFilm celebration of our nation. Tonight we are #OneBritain
    Fri, Jul 27 2012 15:32:47
  12. LouiseMensch
    Have said for a long time that the Olympics are going to be pure awesomeness. Well done Danny Boyle #TeamGB #London2012 #Olympics
    Fri, Jul 27 2012 15:26:24
  13. Number10gov
    PM: “The Opening Ceremony has been a great showcase for this country. It’s more proof Britain can deliver.” #olympicceremony
    Fri, Jul 27 2012 14:43:30
  14. Two hours later, after some believed he had closed his account, Burley returned to claim he was ‘misunderstood’.
  15. AidanBurleyMP
    Seems my tweet has been misunderstood. I was talking about the way it was handled in the show, not multiculturalism itself
    Fri, Jul 27 2012 16:14:02
  16. By morning calls for Burley’s resignation began with even The Telegraph not resisting the opportunity to revisit the MP’s sacking as parliamentary private secretary for attending a ‘Nazi stag party’. The story also mentioned how he caused offence by “texting and dozing” during a talk by a Holocaust survivor at the Auschwitz concentration camp.
  17. And so calls for his resignation begin.
  18. Kevin_Maguire
    Mitt Romney needs a running mate. Pity @AidanBurleyMP born in New Zealand not US. They’d make a great pair
    Fri, Jul 27 2012 16:06:35

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