‘This is NOT my résumé’: How Slideshare got the attention of recruiters

So what do you do when you want to make a career change at the rip old age of 26? Jordan McDonnell, currently a financial analyst, wants to find something more creative but found that his CV was being ignored.

He took to Slideshare, a tool that allows users to upload and annotate PowerPoint or other presentations, and uploaded a witty, more visual résumé, and his work has gone viral.

“Applying standard CVs to marketing companies and social media companies, they automatically discount me because of my background,” he said [to thejournal.ie]. “So I tried to do something that reflected their industry.”

I think he’s got their attention.



  1. rocoja

    Brave…. Not sure it will catch on as I know many long-in-the-tooth recruiters who comfortably hide behind the “send me your CV” mantra.
    But in these fast moving times of social media – this sure seems the way to go!
    I applaud it..

    • eguinan

      It is brave, isn’t it? Certainly a bit of a gamble, and I too applaud him for thinking laterally.

      He has the novelty factor on his side too. I wonder how many others could get away with this?

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Jordan McDonnell (@j_mc_twit)

    Thanks guys, it certainly was a gamble, and one which has definitely paid off. The level of response and interest I have received has been amazing. I guess this method can’t be used for all positions, but I had to try something different, as the tried and tested ways were getting me nowhere fast! I’m very close to achieving my goal now.

    • eguinan

      Nearing 100K views at this stage – impressive stuff, Jordan. I would ask for you to keep us posted, but I suspect we’ll hear about it anyway. Best of luck!

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