Hervé is my new – ugh – jam #thisismyjam

Image of pot of jamI never considered myself a language purist despite having delivered courses in writing (and even this), but the word ‘jam’ meaning ‘song’ or ‘track’ makes me clench my teeth.

The popularity on Twitter of web app This Is My Jam doesn’t help matters. I can live with some heavily rhythmic thing such as Michael Jackson’s, um ‘Jam’ being called a jam but when one sees something like  “Handel: Water Music Suite #2 In D, HWV 349 – Allegro” by Neville Marriner: Academy Of St. Martin In The Fields is my new jam.  ♫…

I digress.

In the course of finding suitable ‘jams’ for my most recent mix, I found Hervé’s ‘How Can I Live Without You (Make It Right)’. It’s got those clanging Detroit techno c. 1988 synths which make it sound like Inner City covering ‘Playing With Knives’.



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