“We’re not politicians; we don’t think about legacies” Neil Tennant Interview (RTÉ Radio 1) [audio]

Image of Neil TennantHere’s a 23 minute interview with Neil Tennant on Ireland’s John Murray Show on RTÉ Radio 1.

A few snippets:

On the Olympics Closing Ceremony experience. “I’m an Olympic performer now”

On Elysium: “Age is a taboo subject. Pop music is meant to be young… It’s a a beautiful album… quite optimistic..” “The name suggests that it’s a different, more dreamy sound…”

On motivation? Have you contemplated retirement? “No. We have a creative urge. … The songs keep coming…”

On that Xmas battle between PSB vs Pogues: “The battle was actually between Pet Shop Boys and Rick Astley”.

On X Factor: “It promotes professionalism over ideas… people will get bored of it soon.” “It’s like the weather; it happens”

On what’s he listening to: “‘Bon Iver’ and “96.3, a Spanglish radio station in LA playing very up remixes of Adele…”

On the Dusty collaboration: She did the last bit “We don’t have to fall apart..” in two takes.

On their legacy: “We’re not politicians; we don’t think about legacies…”


The John Murray Show (Podcasts)



  1. Ivan Moran

    Hah – I was getting ready for work when I heard a snippet of WEG (yeah – after nine, that’s how I roll) and was surprised to hear NT on Murrays show. Not a bad interview. Struck me that there’s a lot to be said for a face to face thing though; the phone tends to dampen down the rapport, doesn’t it?
    And frankly, it’s not the same without the smart-arsed asides from Chris Lowe, is it?

  2. sinead

    The Pogues were no 2 christnmas 1987. Why did PSB desert their straight audience and become a bglt tribute act ? Yesterday’s men.

  3. Enda

    Hi Robert,
    You know I’m not too sure about that either. I think they are similar to, say, Depeche Mode- had a long phase of career which overlapped with singles charts success. Both have a strong following and keep making new music and tour but the mass audience that buy chart music inevitably move on. I can’t think of any act that has sustained mass chart presence into a fouth decade (Madonna comes close).

    (Didn’t Neil come out in 93? 20 years later they’re still pretty popular. I reckon there’s quite a few straights hanging in there!)

  4. Louise

    Urgh, I’m sure Neil would cringe at people debating whether he still has straight (or gay) fans “left” at this point.
    Sexuality shouldn’t, and doesn’t matter which is why I won’t comment personally on that, BUT you either respond to music or you don’t regardless of your persuasion. Still love the Pet Shop Boys, fan all the way back till 1987. 🙂

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