Finally 200 Facebook Fans – You took your time…

Finally 200 Facebook Fans - You took your time...

My Daddy or Chips? Facebook Page finally hit the magic 200 fans*.

200 is a great number and (apart from the emotional blackmail that snared friends and family), it’s a group which has grown entirely organically since Lakegan first suggested that I create a space on Facebook for the mixes.

I don’t recommend that anyone buy Facebook ‘likes’ or Twitter followers. Apart from violating the Terms & Conditions of these services, these fake followers add nothing to your community/business. By contrast, the Daddy or Chips? page is a place where people recommend music, share and comment. There are a few regulars and a few exclusives (once a discussion about whether a vocal sound on the last Kate Bush was real or Autotune; the chap who engineered the album popped by to tell us that the sound was very real indeed!). So, click like and join us (or lurk).

Thank you very much, and, as well as scheduling notifications of blog entries here, I’ll keep posting (mostly) music related titbits for your delectation.

A warning: Things get busy when Pet Shop Boys have new product to shift.

* Now none of you smarties ‘unlike’ this and spoil everything!

UPDATE: One of you did. *shakes fist*


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