Social Running Apps and the Kindness of Americans

Footprints on beach at Glenn, MI.

Those footprints are mine. The beach belonged to me and the friendly Nike+ lady.

While making some notes about the social element of running apps, I found this short piece I wrote on completion of a recent run along part of Lake Michigan:

Ran along the pretty-much private beach. I was the only person there for the entire run. The lake boomed and crashed as if not entirely convinced that it isnt an ocean.

When back on the road I did encounter a quartet of moms bearing decorative branches with flowers. Cheery good mornings all round. And a very loud and hearty greeting from a what was probably a retired couple on their morning cycle. I smile and wave back and a little farther give a wave of thanks to a very large car that gives me a wide berth. It’s infectious.

On completion, a man called Tim Tebow in my running app congratulated me on my run and said that as I reward I could hold his ‘Heisman’.

Americans are so generous…

(I know I can Google ‘Tim Tebow’ and ‘Heisman’, but why shatter the vibe?)


* Keith’s blog is well worth a read if you are interested in running and/or apps. He’s been training for the Mo Run and has been diligently trying out apps and equipment. If you are of a sensitive disposition, I suggest you skip this entry though.

A run along Lake Michigan as tracked by Nike+ App

The stats nerd inside me loves this stuff.


One comment

  1. Keith

    😉 I have indeed been training hard and trying apps and I have settled with iSmoothRun which can link into pretty much any running/recording site etc It’s really robust and gives lots of advice and information. You can also use it to create your own training plans which saves a heap of money on other apps.

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