Dandies from the Congo: Look at these threads!

Solange (Knowles, yes, that one) has returned with a perfectly delightful track, but I’m absolutely fascinated with the utterly fabulous gents in the video.Cover of book of Le Sape

A little research shows that I’m not the only one. The members of the Society of Atmosphere Setters and Elegant People are properly worthy of one’s attention.

I used my chance to review Solange’s track for Dallas-based Groove Loves Melody as an excuse to delve a bit deeper into this bizarre-yet-immaculate phenomenon.

Filmed in South Africa, Solange jiggles (we can’t call it dancing; sister Beyoncé will need to intervene) with various sapeurs, members of the Societe des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Elegantes, an organisation originating from the French Congo. The immaculate clothing is part of a way of life for the sapeurs, whose dazzling dandy-like elegance is accompanied by a high-minded moral code. Against the impoverished environs of their origin, the sapeurs are pure punk.

Groove Loves Melody


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