“More important than algebra”? 6 Things To Teach Students (and yourself) About Social Media

Student using social media

Image: endaguinan.com

“It may not be traditional, but some things really are more useful than Algebra.”

Despite (or maybe because of) my background in academia, there’s no way I’m going to take sides on that statement, but these six things to teach students about social media seem just as valid for those of us who have left our classrooms behind.

1. Online Reputation:

One of the best things teacher can teach students about is how to manage your online reputation. An online reputation can effectively keep high school students from landing a good job during school. More and more employers do a quick search on Google before making a decision regarding potential employees. Students should understand that what they put on the Internet is out there for the public, unless it is properly protected.

2. Privacy:

Teach students the importance of maintaining a professional public appearance online, and show them how to use the privacy settings on popular social networks to keep personal things private to your inner circle. Protecting your privacy can mean the difference between an unintentionally posted, inappropriate photo being leaked online and keeping it private before your can delete it.

3. Keep Connections:

While students may not understand it now, their classmates and teammates may become a valuable connection down the road. Encourage your students to connect with one another on social media, and to stay connected even after they stop going to school with one another.

4. Establish Your Expertise:

If students know what they want to do with the rest of their life, they can begin, even now, establishing themselves in their field. Encourage your students to start blogging about their passion and getting involved in that online community. You never know what opportunities that may open for you down the road.

5. Use it to Your Advantage:

Aside from these benefits, there are also monetary benefits of being Internet savvy. College students can find the cheapest used textbooks online. Teach them where to find these and how much money it will save them when they enroll in school/

6. Stay Updated:

Staying current on new trends will help you get ahead of the crowd and show that you are a go-getter and on top of new things. Staying updated will keep you from falling behind the times, which seem to change very quickly in an online world.

Full piece at Edudemic.



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