The Week in Social: Zuckerberg Caught Oversharing, Naughty Record Labels and Elderly Gent Starts/Stops Blogging

A Zuckerberg unwittingly overshares, record labels are accused of being naughty, and a 92-year-old man starts (and then stops) blogging. Welcome to 2013 in Social.

Digital Etiquette or Delicious Irony?

A bit baffled about your privacy settings on Facebook? Randi Zuckerberg, Mark’s sister, may empathise. She posted a family pic on her brother’s site and presumed it was visible to her friends only. What she didn’t realise was that the image was also visible to the friends of the people tagged in the photo. One of whom posted it online. Randi was not impressed.

There wasn’t a lot of sympathy for Randy’s appeal to decency:

Apparently Randi Zuckerberg has 2,300 friends on Facebook…

Now might be a good time to check your privacy settings (or whatever they’ve changed to this week).

YouTube spring clean culls record company naughtiness – or does it?

At first this story looked like it was about Universal, Sony and RCA being punished by YouTube for artificially inflating view counts of their acts. We were told by Daily Dot, Pocket-Lint and MailOnline that 1.9 billion views had been stripped from videos by acts such as Rihanna, Beyoncé and Michael Jackson.

The truth was rather more prosaic, as the Guardian reports:

Universal and Sony have, since 2009, been moving their music videos away from their YouTube channels and over to Vevo, the music industry site the two companies own with some investors from Abu Dhabi. YouTube, meanwhile, thinks that is only right to count channel video views for videos that are still actually present on the channels.

Mystery solved (but not before these sites all got a lot of clicks).

Never too late to blog

George White, Grey Cavalier blogger

One month ago I lost my dear wife, Mima. And after sixty seven years of happily married life together I find it hard to come to terms with my loss.

So begins the first blog post from 92-year-old George White from Co. Durham, UK. So far he’s taken his first flight in seventy-one years (to join his grandson in Geneva), praised the efficiency of Swiss transport and walked along Lake Vevey.

I think there’s something in my eye…

UPDATE: Sadly, he seems to have discontinued the blog. Here’s hoping that he restarts at some point.

Grey Cavalier

Install this: My Drinkaware

MyDrinkaware info

Well, New Year can be a bit excessive, right?

Feeling a tad toxic after the holiday excess? My Drinkaware is an online app that allows you to track your alcohol intake each day. You can then learn all sorts of scary things about your usage including how often you exceed recommended limits, how many minutes you would need to run to burn those empty calories and even what your calorie intake looks like as burgers or kebabs.

A valuable, if sobering, tool.

Daddy’s Mp3reet: Julie Hawk

Here’s Julie Hawk, a singer-songwriter based in London (but who hails from Co. Galway – like me). A friend got chatting to her in a restaurant in Islington and he thought I might be interested. And who wouldn’t be? Her forthcoming single ‘The Value of Gold’ has a touch of Cocteau Twins about it (i.e. good) and has been featured on BBC Radio 6 Music’s Introducing.

If, like John Miles, music is your first love, join us over at Daddy or Chips? on Facebook.


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