The Week in Social: Enough Horse Jokes, Getting Unstuck and Social Media Panic

In the US, a couple of sportsmen are having truth ‘issues’, but over here, we’re either giggling about horse meat or talking sides in the unfortunate transgender slur business that’s been inflating the word count for several London columnists. What better time to recommend an app that helps solve sticky problems?

Tesco Horse Meat Burgers Funny Pic

Enough with the horse jokes already.

It’s all about #horseburgers in the UK and Ireland this week. With the discovery of horse and pig DNA in some beef burgers on sale in several supermarket chains, the Twitterati launched into a frenzy of puns while Facebookers shared the many hastily Photoshopped funnies.

After a few days of this, it’s no wonder Tesco Customer Service is exhausted.

Install This: Unstuck

Are you bogged down with ‘a conflict at work, a relationship issue, a goal that’s just out of reach’?

This beautiful iPad app guides you through a game-like troubleshooting sequence, helping you identify and assess your problem. It then tells you how you are acting at this moment e.g. you might be a ‘fuzzy forecaster’ who can’t see the plan clearly, or an ‘ad libber’ who is ‘faking it instead of making it’.

Unstuck (iPad, free)

Read This: Social Media has Society in a Panic

Discourse on social media has been getting a very hard time on these islands of late with condemnation (of Twitter mostly) coming from politicians and journalists.

The death by suicide of an Irish government minister prompted much condemnation of the ‘vile comments’ made anonymously online.  In the UK, the overall rather ugly conflict between columnists and bloggers around transgender ‘slurs’ points to a problematic dynamic between traditional and social media.

Gavan Titley, lecturer in Media Studies at NUIM, reckons it’s not quite as simple as that.

Column: Social media has society in a panic. What does that tell us? (via

Daddy’s mp3reet: Lescop

In France, they call it ‘cold wave’. It’s roughly analogous to ‘post punk’ in the UK. Whichever, here’s Lescop (Mathieu Peudupin to his mum) with a track from his first solo album available right now through your iTunes portal (and elsewhere. Except maybe HMV).

Lescop [warning: very florid bio]


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