The Week in Social: Bowie and Mila Kunis work it, Haiku Deck and Facebook (again)

More Bowie! The Next Day is almost upon us and Bowie has played us like a boss. Here are four things today’s bands can learn from the freaky bastard © Flight of the Conchords. Oh, and the album is rather good (if I may say so myself).

FAcebook News Feed ChangesFacebook are at it again. Steel yourselves as over the next few weeks, Facebook hopes to make it easier to control the content appearing in the News Feed. Initial reactions draw comparisons with the Google+ layout and, encouragingly, one user says “I have to admit, for the first time Fb looks beautiful”. Gizmodo has an overview of the News Feed changes.

Instagram for Presentations? “80% of people use 5% of product features. Often, full-featured software gives people “too much rope with which to hang themselves,” explains Adam Tratt, co-founder of Haiku Deck (iOS, free). Mashable reckons it’s difficult to make an unattractive presentation with the app. Sounds like my kind of thing.

Here’s an example:

Mila Kunis seems like a hoot. First Jennifer Lawrence endears herself by taking on some rather silly questions and now Mila Kunis expertly rattles off the expected junket script in seconds when reminded that this interview has gone waaay off topic.

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