The Week in Social: Equal Marriage, African-Irish teens and amazing bridal footwear.

I’ve been on hiatus for two weeks to attempt to escape my 40th by flying to Chicago and then celebrating my little brother’s wedding. More on that later.

Image of  Colalife, Equal Marriage logos and African-Irish teens

Equal Marriage. You’ll have noticed that many profiles on Facebook and elsewhere have turned red in support of equal marriage which is currently being discussed by the US Supreme Court. As with any viral activity, plenty of variations on the original image from the Human Rights Campaign have also appeared:

ColaLife. How do you get life-saving medical supplies to the most remote places on Earth? Piggyback on the existing distribution that Coca Cola has created, that’s how.

Athy Is The ‘Hood, Man. “During the St.Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin 2012, radio producer Derek O’Halloran, noticed a group of African-Irish teenagers in the crowd…Tough enough being a teenager but what if you have to negotiate two different cultures too?” Athy is a fairly small town in Ireland; it’s quite fascinating to hear it described as “the ‘hood”.

And finally, I have to welcome the latest Mrs Guinan, who owned her bridal footwear

Amazing Wedding Footwear

See you in seven.


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