Resident of London’s Silicon Roundabout and Chicago.

Enda Guinan BA, MA, PG Dip ODE (Open) is a consultant and trainer specialising in the practical application of social media for individuals and SMEs.

Long version: My experience as an educational technologist and social media consultant has given me a practical and theoretical understanding of how users engage with online content, behave within communities and construct identity online.

TL:DR: I help individuals and small organisations make sensible use of social media.

I provide content and research for agencies such as yBC.tv and Hyderus and pontificate about music that sounds like computers crying for Groove Loves Melody in Dallas, TX. Under my Daddy or Chips? guise, I pop out the occasional house music mix.

I have a slightly too large digital footprint.

Social Media Consultant, Enda Guinan talks to Arise News about PSY, viral videos and the implications of emerging digital trends for musicians.

Arise News, live broadcast, London, 12 April 2013.

Bookers contact enda@endaguinan.com



  1. eguinan

    OMG! I’ve read your blog about your salesgirls and your being a bit irrerevent about it all. My greetings to Ukraine – maintain your sanity (has that horse bolted?). 🙂

    Cute? Moi? Nah…. Ok, then.

  2. David Minogue

    Hi Enda, thanks for your link to my site. I’ve always thought your site was amazing. Great music taste and out and proud, the best mix!
    I found a wonderful mash up artist on You Tube. I cant do the whole links thing yet but if you put in vjbrewski in the search bar you’ll find his mixes. There are lots of rnb mixed with old 80’s classics. the mix of Hung up and my humps is addictive and i cant even stand that fergie normally.
    Im sure you know popjustice.com as well but if not its great fun and has a good popcast with the psb,all the best

  3. eguinan

    Hi David!

    Glad you’re liking le blog! I just discovered yours last week – you verbalise very well the perspective of gentlemen of our vintage (as well as indulge in the teeth-rotting joys of pop!)

    Just checked vjbrewski and he’s amazing- the Foreigner/Snoop Dogg one is fantastic!

    I do love popjustice too – it’s Smash Hits all over again, isn’t it?


    (PS; You missed a FAB gig with Hidden Cameras tonight. I’m all a-buzz!)

  4. shaneil

    BRAAAAVO….big bro
    Well.,what else can one say…,boasted?…proud? yes .I am indeed. having an in-house DJ.
    I keep on telling YOU ARE THE BEST,,
    keep it up
    …isn’t it?#

  5. Bobert

    Happy Birfday to ya……….Happy Birfday!…Happy Birfday to ya!…Happy Birfday to ya! Many Happy Returns from a VERY windy & Cyclonic Belfast! R xxxxx

  6. David

    Just noticed the date when paying my bills said I’d call around and wish you… Happy birthday!! I know it’s a school night and all but I’m sure you’ll find some way to mark the day !!


  7. eguinan

    Thank you David, I have had a lovely evening despite the school night and feeling rather good about things!

    Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  8. Mike A

    hello enda!

    i was wondering if you use dj software in your mixes. if so, what? do you recommend any particular ones for a beginner? i think i want to have a serious attempt at learning this once and for all.

    – mike

  9. eguinan

    Hi Mike,

    I’m really just learning myself, but I’ll tell you the setup I use.

    Mixed in Key is a fabulous program! It analyses your tracks and tells you the BPM and also what key the track is mainly in. Knowing the key allows you to mix two tracks into each other very deeply (usually) without a horrible clash.

    Next I use Platinum Notes. This ‘repairs’ tracks and makes everything the same level. Some poor quality mp3s can be made to sound a lot better and it can also slightly retune parts of tracks.

    When I’m making mixes for posting online, I use Audacity. The best thing about Audacity (apart from being free) is the tool that allows you to change the tempo without changing the pitch. So, if you have a track at 129 bpm and another at 127, you can tweak one so that the beats match up properly.

    I’ve not done much live stuff yet, but I’m finding my way around DJ-1800. It works from the data in your iTunes library (and displays all your bpm data!). You can pitch and tempo shift too and it not a huge resource hog.

    So, I hope all that helps! Good luck with the DJing and I ‘m looking forward to the fruits of your labour!

    E x

  10. David

    I do drop in more than annually, really I do, but something sems prompts me around March – so, again, Happy Birthday.

    BTW; saw the vid and was dead jealous of the A380 flight, jam-eee

  11. David

    As long as PSB are on the radio, while people still make jokes about the Swiss and whenever old jocks mention Scritti – I’ll be promted to look you up.

  12. Darren Scott

    Enda, I am sitting here at 330 am with jetlag but I must say your blog is a great read, informative, interesting, option for music downloads and much much more… keep up the great work!!! Love ya woek xx

  13. joechester

    Hi Enda,
    First of all thanks SO MUCH for your tireless and thus far thankless support for my music! I appreciate it so much! I’ve started an album diary of sorts and would be honoured if you would check it out and maybe stick it up on your blogroll. It’s early days for me in this web 2.0 world. Thanks again and season’s greetings to you and yours. Joe. xx

  14. David

    Hey, just thought you’d be interested in a piece in today’s Irish Times (Irishman’s Diary) remembering an oft forgotten writer – John Broderick.


    • eguinan

      Thanks for the tip. That’s a pretty fair article about him and it brings back memories! ‘The Flood’ is indeed pretty awful, but when he was good, he was damn good.

      Happy New Year!

      • David

        I couldn’t comment on his writings; I still avoid reading if at all possible but, as you say, the memories…

        Happy New Year to you and yours.


  15. Wholystoter

    Aye Londoner,

    any chance you remember the one who got lost in the French mountains a wee while back?
    We once shared the same green island….

    The Wholystoter

    • Wholystoter

      Hit you up – mais oui! You just have to tell me which way you like it best… with the light feather stroke of twitter? the vitesse of e-mail? the missionary skype – or should we do it in public, blogger?
      I guess you can see my e-mail, right? God, I’m such a blockgghead! I need techno lessons now! I need u!

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