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The Week in Social: The BBC’s Ding Dong, Lavender Cookies and why your doctor won’t tweet

Judy Garland Snapguide cookies and 99% Invisible

One Billion Downloads… Incredibly, almost 4 million single music downloads are sold each week in the UK. On Monday, the Official Charts Company reported that the billionth single download was sold since legal downloads became available nine years ago. Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ is the UK’s best selling download.

Ding Dong! Margaret Thatcher died on Monday kicking off another story about downloads. A Facebook campaign to get ‘Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead!’ from The Wizard of Oz to chart began to yield dividends with the track currently at no. 1 on the iTunes Songs Chart and likely to hit the official Top 3 on Sunday. The BBC are probably agonising over how to handle this reports the Atlantic Wire. This sort of thing would never happen in North Korea.

Won’t you help me, Dr Tweet? You want to access your doctors online but they don’t want to be there. Fear of litigation is the primary reason that the doctor won’t tweet, but one medic reckons it’s time to take the healing to social media.

Snapguide [iOS, free] reinvents the How To guide for the mobile age. The app and site give you a very simple way to create and share your own guides and my friend [decoreco]’s recipe for Lavender Shortbread Biscuits is proving a hit.

99% Invisible [podcast] The myth of America’s love affair with the automobile is revealed as a triumph of PR. The wonderfully-named Roman Mars looks at how in the 1920s the emerging automobile was reviled as a child-killing monster but the motor industry and its allies cleverly changed not only people’s attitudes but also how cities became constructed. 99% Invisible is like Radiolab’s slicker sibling. Subscribe here.


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