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We’re on the move…

Can you pack your suitcase? We’re about to move house.


These past few weeks I’ve been working on my new site EG | Social. I’ve been having all sorts of fun with hosting and migration and modifying WordPress themes and technical stuff. I’m almost ready to launch (you can see the work-in-progress at EG | Social – and your feedback is very welcome).

I’ve been learning loads about how to modify WordPress themes, using plugins and even tweaking css (!), but there are a few things that haven’t worked the way they are supposed to. As with a lot of learning experiences, sometimes you have to press save, see what happens and then fix it.

One thing I haven’t been able to test is whether I can migrate subscribers and followers. In theory if you have subscribed to my feed, you should notice nothing, but the support forums of WordPress suggest that this is often not the case. I’d like you all to join me on the move – the blog posts will continue as usual – so I’ll ask you to be patient while I work everything out.

As a sweetener and early Christmas present, here’s a mixtape of winter songs for you. Right click on the image above and download Scarves & Gloves Part 7 – 45 mins of HappySad music for your winter walks. If you want more of that sot of thing, you can fill your Christmas stockings with parts 1-6 of the Scarves & Gloves series.

The next time you hear from me, it should be coming from EG | Social.

I hope!

The Week in Social: Jeweller’s Ring of Ire, Springpad and Julie Feeney Choice nom *AGAIN*

This week one small business got a self-inflicted tough lesson in online transparency, and that Lego are amazing (but we already knew that).

Ring Of Ire: Jewellers vs Facebook Pages

If you have a Facebook Page for your business or service, you may know that you can allow other Facebook users to administer your Page. I, for example, administer several Pages for myself and on behalf of clients. Being an Admin is generally straightforward, but sometimes one can forget to switch and may post something using the wrong identity.
Skillens, a jewellers in Co. Down, discovered this to their cost this week. Having run a ‘Like and Share’ competition, they posted a photo of the winner.

Skillens Facebook Winner

Apparently there were some grumblings about the winner’s connection with the business, and she responded on the Skillens Facebook Page (now deleted).

Skillens Facebook Admin Switch

See what happened there?

Once fury and mockery was unleashed by disgruntled competition entrants and passers-by alike, Skillens responded first with a very convoluted explanation, then with threats of legal action and finally by taking down their Page.
The lesson? With Google and social media, it’s increasingly difficult to hoodwink punters. It’s best not to try lest your business be tainted with the association of dishonesty.
(via Broadsheet.ie)

Doing it right: Lego

When 7-year-old (and wonderfully-named) Luka Apps wrote a very honest email to Lego, he got a rather wonderful response. His dad tweeted the whole thing.


Install This: Springpad

Enda Guinan's Notebooks on SpringpadMemorably described as what happened when Evernote and Pinterest had a baby, Springpad is a very visual way of organising online information.

Springpad uses bookmarklets, browser extensions as well as mobile and tablet apps to grab information off the Web for tagging and organisation. Your content can be collected into Notebooks which can be kept privately or shared.
Here are my public Notebooks for you to explore. For example, I frequently stumble upon site that I know will be useful some other time. I just click ‘Spring it’  in Chrome then a window appears inviting me to tag and sort the site and that’s it.

Daddy’s Mp3reet: Julie Feeney

Another week, another talented musician from Galway called Julie. Julie Feeney is on her third album of Baroque pop [my review] and has this week been shortlisted for the third time for the Meteor Choice Music Prize in Ireland (similar to the Mercury Music Award in the UK).

She won in 2006.
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