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The Week in Social: Cmdr. Hadfield’s legacy, Evil Google and #eurovision

Google being evil, Commander Hadfield's Space Oddity and Cezar represents Romania at EurovisionBowie’s in space. So farewell then, Commander Hadfield. After five months tweeting us stunning images of ourselves from space, the Canadian astronaut came back to Earth but not before uploading the first pop video from outer space: his goosebumps-inducing version of Space Oddity. For your services to science, education and the use of social media, we properly salute you.

Eurovision. If Twitter hashtags weighed anything, there would be some serious balancing issues on Tuesday and Thursday as the semifinals of the annual sneerathon/song contest took place in Malmo, Sweden. Just as the rest of the world is a bit baffled when America goes #superbowl crazy, now it’s payback time. Americans looking for an explanation of Eurovision should read this before the real deluge unfolds on Saturday. Could Cezar, the Romanian countertenor, snag it?

Good Google, Bad Google.  There was no escaping Google this week (is there ever, you may ask). The company announced its music subscription service, the cumbersome-sounding Google Play Music All Access which will take on Spotify directly while stealing a march on Apple. Meanwhile, the company finds itself under intense scrutiny in the UK over allegations that all is not quite right in how they report their tax affairs. Margaret Hodge, chair of the public accounts committee told Google’s northern European boss “You are a company that says you ‘do no evil’. And I think that you do do evil.”

Seven Million UK Adults Have Never Used The Internet. Can you believe it?


See you in seven.


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It’s Mix Time: Asthma Attack

Thankfully, I’m not badly afflicted with the asthma; my inhalers remain for the most part stowed away until my lungs start to disintegrate in winter. I blame the bout of pneumonia I got when I was a tot. Memorable because it was my only stay in hospital and my aunt gave me a magazine about Abba. See, I was into them waaaay before you…

Back on topic. It was 22°C today and yesterday in London and this is not only welcome and amazing for many, many reasons, it reminded me that I need to have a soundtrack for those sunshine chores such as watering the plants and monitoring the park behind the apartment for sunbathers.

Shall we?

The title track of this selection is by cocknbullkid, a lass from Hackney, so a neighbour of sorts, whose delightful tune here is a love song to London which she seems loyal to even though it provokes her asthma. I’m sure it’s deeper than that. It could also be about a person called ‘London’. It doesn’t matter; it grooves.

Apart from that, it’s back to swingy Wendy House courtesy of Freemasons (doing their fast bit-slow bit-fast bit trick with Yasmin); Scandinavian ladies Oh Land and Loreen, who inexplicably didn’t make the Swedish national Eurovision finals with her track; and the return of Sharam, who’s perversely named ‘Fun’ will be the final track I use if I ever give up mixage. You will blub!

Oh, if you are a dance music producer in the light trance style, I reckon there are quite enough dreamy songs called ‘Falling’ at this stage now, cheers!


1.    Break My World (Inpetto Remix Edit) * Micha Moor & Epiphony
2.    My Heart Is Refusing Me (Amarillo & Finer Remix Long Version) * Loreen
3.    Finish Line (Freemasons Club Mix) * Yasmin
4.    Fun (Clubhouse Mix) * Sharam feat. Anousheh Khalili
5.    Empty Streets (Haji & Emanuel Remix) * Late Night Alumni
6.    Sun of a Gun (Ian Pooley Remix – Radio Edit) * Oh Land
7.    Rescue Me (Dean Rigg & Christian Hoff Remix) * Chris Kaeser, StoneBridge & Anita Kelsey
8.    Rolling In The Deep (Cheyenne Giles Mash) * John Legend vs Adam K
9.    Asthma Attack (WaWa Extended Mix) * Cocknbullkid
10.   Love Is Darkness * Sander Van Doom feat. Carol Lee
11.    Miracle Moments * Andy Duguid feat. Leah
12.    Falling (Disfunktion Remix) * Danny Dove & Ben Preston
13.    Beautiful World (Original Club Mix) * Tiësto & Mark Knight feat. Dino

Look, a promo video!

Download Asthma Attack (65 mins continuous mix)