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The Week in Social: Google vs Death, saying ‘yes’ to mystery, e-begging Groomzillas and The Fox is a proper hit

Google are out to eliminate death with their latest offshoot. Why we should vote ‘yes’ to mystery but ‘no’ to flying this couple’s parents to one of their four global wedding shindigs. And The Fox has cracked the US Top 100. Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!

The Week in Social: Google vs Death, saying ‘yes’ to mystery, e-begging Groomzillas and The Fox is a proper hitGoogle vs Death

Google is no stranger to innovation and risk-taking. It’s short history is littered with staggering successes and some noble failures, but not content with self-driving cars and Google Glass, the company now wants to have a shot at tackling mortality. The soon-to-be-announced Calico company will ‘attempt to solve some of healthcare’s most vexing problems, ’reports Time.

Not much is know about the firm as yet but the CEO is Arthur Levinson who previously headed up biotech innovators, Genentech. Time speculates that Google will most likely seek to leverage its data-processing power in any attempt to prolong human life.

“In some industries, it takes ten or 20 years to go from an idea to something being real. Healthcare is certainly one of those areas,” said Larry Page. “Maybe we should shoot for the things that are really, really important so ten or 20 years from now we have those things done.”

Don’t feed the models

Crowdfunding has emerged as a viable way for people to find money to finance their projects without depending on the traditional outlets such as banks and venture capital. While there are risks associated with depending on funding from a lot of small investors, the model is attractive to community groups, tech developers, artists and now a couple of attractive models want your money to… fly their parents to their wedding.

Eric Turner and Morné Coetzer are getting married in South Africa next January and have turned to gofundme.com to raise $7,000 [UPDATE: the page has been removed] to fly Turner’s parents from Houston to South Africa for the event. The Internet, unsurprisingly, is not amused that the couple who met a year ago and since then ”have travelled the world together. London, Paris, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Ibiza, Houston, San Antonio, Austin” plan four events worldwide to celebrate their union.

One commenter on the crowdfund page is evenhanded: Story is sweet and best of luck to you, but… Accommodate the parents and those closest to you, don’t accommodate casual friends by having 4 different events. Asking invited guests to donate to a charity in lieu of gifts is commendable: you guys are not a charity though. You’ve created a sob story out of arrogance and have definitely created a new definition for crass.

Not everyone is annoyed; the couple have raised over $4,000 at the time of writing. Meanwhile, One Step Malawi are hoping to raise £5000 to build a school for orphans.

Voting ‘yes’ for mystery…

Musicians were the real early adopters of the crowdfunding model. This was largely out of necessity as the traditional model of record company backing collapsed or was rendered unnecessary by cheap technology.

However, having to be promoter, distributor and manager as well as artist has its downsides as Phil Elverum of Washington-based act Mount Eerie discovered when he received a polite request to exchange an album bought at a gig.

Elverum responds: You are not purchasing a reliable product like pants.  You are voting “yes” for mystery.  I know that I might resemble a store, with my website and merch table and all these commodities, but I am an artist and I believe that music should remain unpredictable and occasionally frustrating, and ultimately rewarding, magical.

The entire – very civil – exchange is both entertaining and illuminating as the roles of artist and businessperson continue to blur.


Here’s The Fox by Ylvis. This promotional clip for a Norwegian variety show is going viral with its almost 40 million spins on YouTube landing it at number 29 in the Billboard Hot 100. Makes Gangnam Style feel like a challenging BBC 4 documentary…


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The Week in Social: Instagram vs Twitter, Driving Doggies and… Al Walser?

Go fetch…

To create awareness of rescued animals, this New Zealand clip demonstrates that pooches are pretty smart. Monty, the would-be Muttley in the clip, was given up by his previous owners as he was a bit of a handful. Auckland SPCA shows that, with the right training, that difficult pet can be brought under control.

(via Mashable)

Instagram shuns Twitter

Still from Instagram/Nickleback parody

Twitter announced that Instagram photos would soon no longer be viewable within tweets. This is the latest spat between these two since Facebook bought Instagram in April.  “Social networks were supposed to bring us together”, writes Matt Buchanan, “but that could be increasingly difficult as the social networks themselves continue to put up new barriers — both to keep users contained within their experiences and to keep other social networks out”.

Meanwhile, this Twitter might enjoy this potshot at the hipster-filter provider (and Nickleback).

(via Buzzfeed)

Tom Tom ‘almost’ make a viral

“But because we spent our entire advertising budget on thousands of great prizes and presents for you, this “viral” might not be as impressive as we would have liked. Sorry.”

Tom Tom’s cute take on some successful clips that went viral.

Who is Al Walser and how did he get a Grammy nomination?

Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, Calvin Harris and Skrillex and … Al Walser? Did the Grammys just get trolled?

(via Gawker)

Boy, do I like wine…

Still of Enda in Swolly clip

I had to include this. Earlier in the year I did a favour for a friend and took part in an Italian ad for a wine-dispensing machine. I play an English businessman anticipating a glass of wine after a hard day’s work.

Agents: I am available to smile in anticipation of all sorts of things not just wine.

(via Swolly)


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Old Spice make (deranged) Muscle Music

Old Spice have come up with yet another innovative, bonkers online ad. Watch it first and then hit keys on your keyboard to make Terry Crews do various things.

I’m not terribly sure if spending time making a muscly man shout ‘sausages’ and ‘internet’ will make me want to actually buy the stuff, but they sure have commandeered my attention.

This is also a nice little pre-iOS 6 boost for Vimeo as Apple prepare to ditch YouTube.

Have fun with the ‘[‘ key…