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The Week in Social: Virgin Media get schooled, angry Facebook Moderator schools us and those New York ATM receipts

The Week in SocialThe pauper and the millionaire at the same ATM. An image of two receipts found at a New York ATM did the rounds this week and made us think about the type of wealth disparity that exists. One customer has a balance of over a million dollars while the other has insufficient funds. They are both litterers though.

Deceased man fails to pay Virgin Media bill. Every week another company has a painful learning experience connected with social media. When Virgin Media sent an automated bill that acknowledged that the customer was deceased but charged an additional fee anyway. Jim Bowden, the man’s son-in-law, took to Facebook with a very witty, highly sharable response. Social networking expert, Dr Lisa Harris told the BBC that ‘companies need to realise that people have more power than they used to’. Virgin Media have since cancelled the bill, apologised and made a charitable donation.Grab from Facebook about Virgin Media bill for deceased man

Facebook Moderator: ‘You should be ashamed’ “Can you think up a human horror? I’ve probably seen it or a picture or video of something very similar.” We usually hear about Facebook moderators when they remove images of a mother breastfeeding or the photo of the elbow that looked like a breast. However, contain your outrage, because one Facebook moderator “really doesn’t give a shit” as they have far more important work to do. You might think twice about reporting your ‘offence’ once you’ve read this pretty frank blogpost about what really goes on. A must read.

Thomas Dolby’s The Invisible Lighthouse A treat for anyone in London next week as electronic music pioneer, Thomas Dolby, narrates and performs live to his short film as part of Ditto’s Campfire series. Tickets are free, but move fast.

And finally We leave you with news that a cat on a Roomba, dressed as a shark, has shambolically chased a duckling.

See you in seven.


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