Social Media Training and Services

The benefits of using social media to promote your business are potentially very great, but how do you make sure that you are using your time and money effectively?

Whether you are starting out or developing your existing social media outlets, it can feel overwhelming. A little time spent looking analytically at your aims can save you time and effort in the longer run.

I’m starting out and I need to make the best use of my resources. 

You have a business and are thinking about using social media. You feel you can manage this yourself but would like to have someone to help make the best use of your time and resources.

Training (per hour) £65

Longer term training needs can be negotiated.

Initial Report: £495

• Identify mission, vision & values
• Identify message
• Individualised recommendations & possible timeline • Social Media Best Practices
• One hour feedback session
• Refundable if you go on to a six month contract

Six month complete contract. £Apply

Full report, strategy & implementation (on up to three platforms), 10 hours personal training and unlimited email/phone support

Six month lighter option contract £Apply

Full report, strategy & implementation (on up to two platforms), 5 hours training and unlimited email support

I’m looking for a more personalised approach.

You need to understand social media from a professional (or personal) perspective. You would benefit most from having someone on call to answer immediate questions, research or offer an informed perspective on social media-related issues relevant to you when you need it.

  • Available as a per hour service or on retainer.
  • Available by phone, email or in person (London area).
  • If I don’t know the answer or don’t have enough information at hand when you ask, I will kick my professional, postgraduate research skills into action and get back to you when I have what you need.
  • An understanding of City time-critical, results-driven ethos in a friendly, efficient style.

I’m looking for something else

Give me a call on 07593 743929 and let’s work something out. We can do coffee and have a chat without any obligation.

I do think it helps to at least immerse yourself in social media for your own edification – it’s like someone in marketing saying they don’t watch TV; you can’t have great ideas or connect the dots for your brand if you yourself don’t even know what’s happening in a specific medium.  Rick Mathieson, author of The On-Demand Brand.


Enda Guinan BA, MA, PG Dip ODE (Open) is a consultant and trainer specialising in the application of social media for SMEs. His experience as an educational technologist and social media consultant has given him a practical and theoretical understanding of how users engage with online content, behave within communities and construct identity online.

He is the author of Grammar-to-Go: English Writing for Students – For Everyone and his blog at was shortlisted for an award at the Irish Blog Awards in 2008.


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